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Avanafil is a type of medication that can be taken orally, this medication is to treat erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction is when a male is unable to have a penile erection. This pill is FDA approved since April of 2012. In order for an individual to get this pill they need to have a full workup from their doctor, once their doctor feels that they qualify for this pill then they will give them a prescription. Common individuals who use this drug are normally men who are in the middle aged group along with elderly men.

When it comes to the dosing of this medication most individuals will start off with 100 mg that they are allowed to take once a day. An individual would need to take this medication at least a half an hour before their conduct in any sexual activity. If needed an individualís doctor can up their dose, but this depends on how the patient is functioning on the medication. An individual should not take more than what their doctor prescribes them, if this were to happen the individual would need to seek immediate health attention, so that they do not have a heart attack or stroke. Taking an overdose on medication can be harmful to anyone; this is why it is always important to follow the directions that an individual would receive from their doctor.

Just like any other medication, Avanafil has side effects that individuals need to be aware of. Some of these side effects include; headaches, dizziness, back pain, and diarrhea. These side effects are not serious and may or may not happen to an individual who is taking this medication. If an individual were to have any side effects then they need to contact their doctor and talk over the side effects; especially if the individual is having chest pains, heart palpitations, along with ringing in their ears.

Overall Avanafil is a safe medication that is recommended from doctors. This medication helps men who are 40 years are older get their love life back on track, or at least become sexually active again. There is no shame in needing a little extra help to perform in the bedroom; however it would be a shame if a male were not to perform in the bedroom for their wife, because they are afraid to get the help. If an individual is taking this medication they need to remember to follow the exact instructions and never over do it.